Interior Cat Door

Interior Cat Door

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Brand: Purrfect Portal

Color: White


  • (PATENTED) PRIVACY FOR YOUR KITTY - Meow Manor pet door for cats is a magic portal to your cat's safe haven. With our indoor cat door, your baby can finally have a personal space for their litter box and food while the human door is closed. The best part? It keeps the odor away in the cutest way possible! And the dogs, too.
  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION - Most cat doors on the market are put up with flimsy tape. DIYers can set up this pet door for interior doors in minutes. Our patented indoor cat door comes with easy to follow instructions and sturdy screws for a more secure, foolproof installation. Conveniently fits both solid and hollow core doors.
  • THE ONLY NO FLAP KITTY DOOR IN THE MARKET - Our cat door interior door is built with you and your feline in mind. Unlike cat doors with flaps that can harm your pet, this large cat door for interior door is safe for your baby's paws. No more getting their paws stuck under the flap and kids or dogs getting close to the litter box.
  • NO TRAINING NEEDED - A cat door interior door with a built-in flap requires training to be used and can be bothersome with the annoying flap noise. To put an end to this door trouble, our kitty door for interior door has an option to "close" the opening instead. No training needed. Your cat will get it the same way he did with his litter box! It's THAT easy.
  • FOR BIGGER BREEDS - Make cat doors indoor bigger you said. We heard you! Meow Manor measures at 9.25” high and 9” wide and is designed to be a large cat door to fit pets that weigh up to 20 lbs. If your cat weighs 20 lbs or more, we suggest you check out the Purrfect Portal XL.

model number: Meow_Manor_v2

Part Number: Meow_Manor_v2

Details: EVERY PAWRENT'S DREAM The Meow Manor offers the luxurious comfort your feline deserves. Our cat door allows your beloved cat to roam around the house in peace without having to go to a human to open the door. With this closable door, no more injured paws and dogs getting close to the litter box and cat food. Purrfect Portal interior cat door is made not only for every pawrent's peace of mind but for your cat's safety too. Nothing beats a private space for cats who have their own world most of the time. Unlike a cat hole door that has an open pass, Meow Manor has a closable door that can only be opened from the outside. This cat door fits solid and hollow core doors and measures 8.25” high and 6.50” wide. With its spacious size, this door can fit breeds up to 20 lbs. NO MORE HOUSEHOLD CAT-ASTROPHE Finally. You can isolate your cat's litter box and food from the kids and dogs. No more paws getting caught under the flap, too. Purrfect Portal created a kitty door that's paw-friendly. Instead of your usual cat door with flap, Meow Manor is the only pet doors for cats with no flap. It's easy to lock, easy to set up and easy to use so no training needed! Comes with a detailed manual on installation and a cut-out template for the door for an easy installation that only takes 15-25 minutes!

Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 10.1 x 3.1 inches