Oasis: Modern Desert Homes Around the World

Oasis: Modern Desert Homes Around the World

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Author: Tillett Wright, iO

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Release Date: 10-11-2020

Details: Product Description Welcome to the desert. Welcome home. This visually stunning tour of the world’s most amazing desert homes will inspire you to create an oasis with “desert vibes” wherever you are. Creatives are drawn in by the extreme landscapes and limited resources of the desert; in fact, they’re inspired by them, and the homes they’ve built here prove the power of an oasis. From renovated Airstreams to sprawling, modern stucco, desert has become the new beachfront. In Oasis, artist iO Tillett Wright captures the best of this specific culture that emphasizes living simply, beautifully, and in connection with the earth. He highlights the homes that define this desert mindset, featuring the classics like Georgia O’Keefe’s in Abiquiu, New Mexico, alongside more modern homes such as Michael Barnard’s Solar House in Marfa, Texas. With Casey Dunn’s stunning photography, Oasis will transport you to these relaxing refuges, where you’ll learn what elements create the balance of intentionality, ease, style, and function that these homes exude. About the Author iO Tillett Wright is an artist, activist, actor, speaker, TV host, and writer dealing mostly with identity. He and his work have been featured in GQ, Elle, New York, Vogue, and The New York Times Magazine. Casey Dunn is an Austin, Texas-based photographer. He specializes in architectural and editorial photography, and he works with leading designers and creatives. On Saturdays, he can be found playing pickup basketball, gardening, or camping with his wife, Sarah, and dog, Mandy. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Introduction “How the hell did you end up here?” That’s what everyone asks me. They want to know how a kid raised on the high-octane streets of lower Manhattan could find themselves happily living in the middle of nowhere, two hundred miles from the nearest big city. They can’t imagine it—“the quiet,” “the boredom,” “the heat”—until they come visit. When we sit around my dinner table, under a blanket of stars, a home-cooked meal set out between us; when they feel their stress-induced blood pressure drop; when they find themselves voluntarily up at dawn, staring at the shifting sherbets spread across the sky, then they start to understand. All my city friends do the same thing: plan to come for one night—“That’s all the isolation I can handle”—and end up staying the week—“You have no idea how much I needed this. When can I come back?” A home in the desert isn’t for everyone—you need special clothes, special wheels, and lots of moisturizer to withstand its brutality—but it’s not just for alien enthusiasts, wannabe cowboys, or hippies either. Around the world, the desert gathers expansive thinkers, dreamers who feel encumbered by the boundaries of apartment living, and builders who don’t yet know they can build. I’m no exception. Several years ago, living in LA, I got in a fight with the girl I was dating and took off. I drove two and a half hours eastward, into the desert. I had been to Joshua Tree twice before, and had been dreaming of it ever since. In any previous iteration of my life, I would certainly have been voted “least likely to move to the middle of nowhere.” Energized by the highspeed lifestyle of big cities, I have always found myself thriving at the humming center of cultural chaos. For twenty-seven years, that meant Manhattan and Brooklyn, then it spread to Los Angeles. My income has always been sourced from a modern multihyphenate conglomeration that includes photography, writing, hosting, and speaking. My father’s half of the family are all designers—my grandparents made hand-screened textiles for the Kennedy White House, my aunt designs lighting for all the parks and public spaces in New York City, and my father creates stages for large theater and dance productions in Europe—but I am more cerebral. I am chronically curious, and I have always expressed myself with my words more than with shapes and colors. I chase in

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